He came up so candidly for the first time, revealing himself. He didn't think twice about responding to the contentious queries. He answered all of the questions without missing a beat, and he also clarified a number of online rumours that had been made about him. He claimed that mahesh babu is a sensitive guy who is easily swayed by rumour when asked about a purported difference between him and Mahesh Babu. He further revealed that all relationships in this profession are driven solely by business and money, not by friendship or any other feelings.

When asked about not giving Waltair Veerayya and Veera simha Reddy enough theatres in Northern Andhra to show his dubbed film Varasudu, he responded, "In Uttarandhra, there are roughly 160 theatres. 35 of these are theatres I own. Producing my own movie piques my attention more than that of others ". He hinted that only after making sure there was enough room for his own film would he consider what he could do to help chiranjeevi and Balakrishna's films, which were coming out on other banners.

In the process, he added that expanding a movie's theatrical run would not influence its fate because audiences determine whether movies become hits. When questioned about the claims against him as a significant member of the Producers' Guild, he responded, but eventually reacted by saying, "I will step down as the Guild's leader if you ask me to. Allow them to suck their own stuff ". He brought up the subject of the ram Charan-Shankar movie and revealed that a minister had called him about Nikhil during Karthikeya2.

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