Megastar chiranjeevi is renowned for his sweet temperament, calm demeanour, and charitable disposition in addition to his other qualities. Rarely would one have seen him lose his temper and hurl insults at others. chiranjeevi may not have been able to acclimatise to politics because of his character, where it is required to employ strong rhetoric to attack and counterattack opponents in order to win an argument.

However, both of his brothers, nagababu and Pawan Kalyan, who hold important positions in the Jana Sena Party, have adopted a more combative stance in politics by attacking their competitors. In a sense, pawan kalyan used to be quite restrained, but in recent months, he has also started to make scathing remarks and issue stern warnings to his political opponents. In contrast, nagababu doesn't hold back when responding to his detractors or political competitors. Many times, his social media posts have gone viral, inspiring venomous criticism from his opponents.

Chiranjeevi responded in an interview with that everyone reacts to events differently, when asked why his brothers are different from him. "You can't expect a palm's five fingers to be equally spaced out. Despite their differences, they continue to be together. One finger cannot assert that it is better than another, he remarked.

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