'Arvinda Sametha' is a family action drama starring young tiger NTR as the protagonist. It is known that in this movie directed by the magician of words trivikram, NTR's character is as powerful as Barireddy's character, who is a faction of five rupees, and became the main highlight of the movie. Jaggu Bhai Jagapathi Babu played the role of Basireddy and the way he brought life to the role impressed everyone.

After this movie, trivikram is bringing Basireddy once again. It is known that trivikram has finalized Jagapathi Babu as the villain for his next project, he played the character of Basireddy, which was the main highlight of the movie 'Arvind Sametha'. Currently, it is known that trivikram has started a big movie with superstar Mahesh Babu. The regular shooting of this movie, which is being made with the working title SSMB28, started this wednesday at Amir Peta in Hyderabad.

The action scenes of this movie are currently being shot at Saradhi Studios near Aamir Pate. The regular shooting of this movie started on Wednesday. It is known that Jagapathi Babu is playing the villain in this. It seems that trivikram has again chosen Jagapathi Babu, who was impressed with Jagapathi Babu's typical villainy in the movie 'Arvind Sametha' as Vain as Basireddy.

They are shooting a huge action sequence led by ram-lakshman with mahesh babu participating. If this is the case, it is known that on the day when the regular shooting of this movie starts, IT rights are happening in the various apartment offices of the makers of this movie. Due to these raids, the film team did not reveal the start of SSMB28. There are comments that the shooting started silently because of the IT raids.

It is known that Mahesh Jagapathi Babu appeared as father and son in the movie 'Srimanthudu'. Jagapathi Babu is playing the villain in SSMB28. And to know how the scenes between these two will be. In what range Mahesh will impress the fans, we have to wait for the release of this movie. The makers are planning to release this movie on a grand scale in August.

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