The telugu twitter community is frequently aggressive and untamed. Online fan fights between fandoms of famous people are common. But this time, the rivalry between mahesh babu and Prabhas's supporters has grown so heated that fans have challenged one another to fights on the ground. Before the tale began, there was a heated twitter argument between Mahesh and Prabhas's supporters. It progressed to the point that both groups of supporters began distasteful posts about the heroes' families. This quickly got out of hand, and fans began challenging one another to fights.

Mahesh's fan was issued a challenge by a prabhas fan in Bengaluru to meet him face to face. Nobody arrived. The prabhas fan then left a box of bangles and asked Mahesh's supporters to use them. Mahesh's admirers were incensed by this. Then another Mahesh fan from hyderabad appeared. He gave Prabhas's admirers a place in hyderabad and a challenge to fight him if they have the courage. He even challenged Prabhas's fans while holding a beer bottle in his hand on the main route. He then left behind a saree and requested that Prabhas's supporters use it.

There are numerous videos online showing both groups of fans challenging one another to fights. In the end, nobody actually met face to face with anyone, and everything turned out to be amusing to observers. While the heroes are preoccupied with establishing enormous projects and pursuing global renown, their supporters are occupied with issuing absurd challenges and threatening one another.

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