Unquestionably, mohanlal is the biggest celebrity in Keralan cinema; he is the only actor from the state to have 100 Cr or more in gross receipts. His films Puli Murugan and lucifer continue to be the highest-grossing mollywood productions, but strangely, the biggest star's most recent picture failed to make even the printing and promotion expenditures.

There was barely any theatrical share for the movie, indicating that it was outright rejected by the audience. mohanlal, a superstar, should consider a movie carefully before committing. Direct release of these types of experimental movies on streaming services rather than in theatres has a significant impact on the end product. Because an OTT release will already generate revenue for the OTT platform, a movie's success or failure won't reflect on the hero's reputation.

This is shaji kailas and Mohanlal's eighth movie together, Alone. Their collaboration, which started with the 1997 action drama Aaraam Thampuran, ended with the 2009 criminal thriller red Chilies. In Alone, the Covid-induced lockdown serves as the backdrop. Everyone is learning how to adapt to a new normal at this early stage of the pandemic. Sadly, the next few movies should do well for him at the Box Office.

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