The Natu Natu song is one step away from making history. This song stood opposite to the most popular songs in Hollywood. So far no telugu song has been nominated for Oscar. If keeravani wins the oscar for the song Natu Natu, keeravani will be the second music director to bring india an oscar after AR Rahman. rahman won an oscar for the Jayaho song in the movie Slum Dog Millionaire. 

But this time, keeravani along with hollywood Hemahemis are competing in the oscar nomination. keeravani would have won the oscar only if they were pushed back. Along with Natu Natu, four other songs are competing in the original song category. These include 'Applause' from Tell It Like A Woman, 'Hold My Hand' from Maverick, 'Hold My Hand' from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, 'Lift Me Up', Everything Everywhere, 'This Is A Life' from All At Once, Natu Natu Song, and oscar Bariloche. are standing

Holt My Hand song was sung by world top pop singer Lady Gaga. This song which came out 8 months ago got 145 million views on YouTube. The song Lift Me Up is sung by Barbarian singer Rihanna. This song, which came out 3 months ago, has received 77 million views on YouTube so far. The applause song was sung by Dane Warren.

This song was uploaded on YouTube 2 months ago and has received 527K views so far. This Is A Life song is composed by Ryan Lott. This song was uploaded on YouTube 10 months ago and has received 580K views till now. The Natu Natu song was uploaded on YouTube 9 months ago and has received 117 million views so far.

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