With the help of Nandamuri Balakrishna's chat programme "Unstoppable," well-known telugu OTT platform Aha has brought the finest of the content to viewers. The guest list, particularly for Season 2, is fairly impressive, and Pawan Kalyan's appearance as the finale showstopper completes the list. Additionally, the first episode of PK is now available, and you may hear a chat right now.

Evidently, the episode starring prabhas caused AHA's servers to crash earlier when it was first streamed, and the OTT platform noticed that all the preparations for the Pawan Kalyan episode had been made. The episode hasn't garnered as much attention for the show as Prabhas' episode did, according to the mass pulse, though. There is a cause behind this, too.

Even on Balayya's show, pawan kalyan maintained his reputation for being simple, modest, and bashful. However, on the show, prabhas abandoned his modest demeanour and acted extremely erratically when he referred to Charan as "Orey Charanu Nuvvu Na buddy va enemy va?" and other people. As a result, Prabhas' Unstoppable 2 episode attracted greater attention. Even though PK's episode generated the most news, his unassuming actions didn't seem to attract any attention.

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