After a four-year hiatus, Shah Rukh Khan has returned to the big screen. Furthermore, it was not exactly a red carpet welcome. The actor, who has long been regarded as the ideal romantic hero, was attempting to combine romance and action once more, albeit the focus was on the latter.

A extremely sexy song called "Besharam Rang" was used to commence the movie's promotion on YouTube. Even as the song received a few thousand clicks per minute, it elicited a range of responses, most of which were unfavourable. It is a known fact that movie fans feel somewhat betrayed by the celebrities they have recently idolised, and this is not just true of Shah Rukh Khan.

After the pandemic lockdown, it was anticipated that the movie business would improve, but that did not happen. Films were being turned down in every direction! Whether it's Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, or salman Khan. Out of 96 releases, the year 2022 had the fewest successes—just over three—while the average success rate has historically been between 8% and 12%.

After the Covid-19 lockdowns, when people were desperate for outings, movies, and other forms of entertainment, it was anticipated that they would swarm the theatres. That was not the course of events. people had grown to dislike movies and movie theatres. No matter who the stars were, no one wanted to see their movies.

Pathaan's promotion strategy was successful because of how it was organised. It remained in the media. Before, it had only been reported badly, but SRK's team's PR campaign changed that. A tv news programme regularly devoted a minute or two to the movie a few days prior to its debut. One day, a tv station said that four lakh tickets had already been pre-sold.

What made the channel aware of that? india lacks a centralised portal to maintain this kind of record. In actuality, neither print nor electronic media, not television, have the resources to obtain this information. What was fed to them was reported by them! There was also an anti-"Pathaan" campaign at the time, which alleged that SRK was responsible for all of the advance booking and that tickets worth Rs 20 crore were purchased through the recently established fan clubs.

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