Allu Arvind was the subject of numerous rumours recently, but nothing of the like ultimately transpired other than the mega-producer attending the Vinaro Bhagyamu movie's pre-release event. Here is an intriguing bit of related news that is making the rounds. There has been a strong buzz of the persistent delays the movie is facing since november 2022.

The geetha company is alleged to have benefited greatly from the efforts of ace producer dil raju on two occasions before Allu Arvind ever asked for a news conference. In reality, sithara Entertainment organised the SIR release of Danush, while Vishwaksen planned the release of Dhamki. geetha arts is releasing Vinaro Bhagyamu on february 17th. The following day, dil raju revealed that Samantha's Shaakuntalam was also scheduled on the same day. However, Dhamki and Shaakuntalam have ultimately dropped out of the contest, claiming a variety of justifications.

According to insiders, dil raju has supported both Shaakuntalam and Dhamki, and if he had wanted to, he would have given them both a large release. However, Allu Arvind is alleged to have convinced the directors of those movies to delay the release since he is unhappy with the way things are going. Nevertheless, it has now been revealed that Allu Arvind is dissatisfied with Raju for taking on parasuram and Vijay Devarakonda's project. Now that even the distribution circles are claiming that Raju just postponed those two movies out of love for Arvind, it will be interesting to hear what the geetha arts camp's insiders have to say.

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