Everyone will be shocked to hear that some people staged a dharna to get a free movie. Then then, some schoolchildren are staging dharnas and requesting that the producer provide them free screenings of Dhanush's SIR, which was produced by sithara Vamsi and directed by venky Atluri. students from a school in khammam participated in this dharna, and the outcome is presented below.

Producer naga Vamsi reportedly told all of the students and schools who wanted a special free showing of the movie to send them an email so they could set up the screening. This is highly unusual because no producer who wants to earn money would organise for free events, but some producers think that making content isn't just about entertaining people for money but sometimes occasionally about exhibiting them your creations for free in order to build awareness.

In contrast, Dhanush's SIR, which has already raked in more than 30 crores in box office revenue, has become a huge hit in Telugu. And with these free screenings, the movie is undoubtedly going to draw more attention since there won't be any major competition at the telugu box office for a few more weeks.

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