Due to certain unsettling age differences between the performers, the movie "Veera simha Reddy," starring Nanadamuri balakrishna AKA balayya and shruti Haasan, is receiving criticism on Twitter. Shruti, who is 37 years old, is matched against balayya, 62. Honey Rose, who plays the wife to one of the dual characters played by balayya and the mother to the other, is 31 years old. In all film industries, including Bollywood, the issue of male performers being matched against considerably younger female colleagues has persisted.

The film directed by gopichand malineni was released last month. Many people responded to a twitter user who brought up the age gap by pointing out that it isn't just a phenomenon associated with movies produced in the South. Several moviegoers, however, defended age differences in films, claiming that acting requires them.

On february 23, Veera simha Reddy began to stream on Disney Plus Hotstar. The movie was well received by critics, who praised the actors' performances and the action scenes, and it did well at the box office. The movie also established a significant record on the OTT platform, according to the streaming service. Disney Plus Hotstar telugu shared a poster for the movie along with the information that Veera simha Reddy had 150k unique views within the first minute of its release on the platform. The telugu movie broke this milestone in the OTT market.

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