Ram Gopal varma doesn't hold back when it comes to life. His affection for vodka and his propensity for women have never been kept a secret. His remarks, though, sparked controversy at nagarjuna University. He had been invited as a special visitor for the Academic Exposition by the institution. He spoke to the audience of students, telling them that he tries to make the most of every opportunity.

"The three celestial beauties rambha, Urvashi, and Tilottama will be waiting for us when we pass away. What if we are unable to locate them? I can now appreciate life as a result. I only want you to do things that make you happy, so enjoy yourselves "He informed them. The students cheered him on, but the female teachers were horrified by his comments. RGV is, however, drawing a lot of criticism on social media for purportedly providing young people improper advise.

At the acharya nagarjuna university Academy Exhibition in Guntur, where he was a prominent guest, tollywood filmmaker ram gopal varma (RGV) caused a stir. RGV counselled students to work wisely rather than laboriously and to enjoy life by indulging in whatever eating, drinking, and sex they pleased. Many people, he said, think rambha and urvashi will live on after death, but what if that's not true? RGV therefore recommended pupils to start having fun right away.

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