Alia Bhatt made her telugu film debut with the enormous RRR. During rrr, the actress became close friends with ntr and ram Charan, and she is already close with many other telugu actors. The other day, alia bhatt surprised NTR's family with thoughtful presents. Abhay and Bhargav, two of NTR's children, received dresses from Alia's apparel line. Through his instagram account, ntr praised alia bhatt, writing, "Thank you, alia, @edamamma always puts a smile on Abhay and Bhargav's faces... Hopefully, I'll be carrying a bag soon.

The rrr actress is not only a gifted performer, but she is also a successful businesswoman, having launched a children's apparel company in 2021. alia responded to NTR's thank you note by stating, "Yay!" Haha, I'll produce a tonne of unique Ed wear just for you; you're the sweetest, so I'm grateful! While the rrr crew celebrates the anniversary of the film's debut, alia joined in by posting a screenshot of the accolades the film has received internationally.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan once had absolute control over both our hearts and the big screen. The actress has significantly reduced her acting output in recent years, and she now only takes on projects that her heart calls for. She last appeared in ponniyin selvan I by Mani Ratnam. However, now we're bringing you a vintage interview where Aish made a subtle jab at karan for his "kind of support" of alia Bhatt.

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