Well, actor-producer Bandla Ganesh, who has a schism with several stars in the telugu cinema business, regularly accuses master filmmaker trivikram srinivas in an oblique manner. Once more today, he made some veiled jabs at the renowned filmmaker without mentioning him by name. And now, let's look at what he did.

Ganesh reportedly said, "Meet Guruji and give a costly gift, it will happen," when a netizen asked how one might become a producer in Tollywood. One may see the sarcasm in this, but many others are left to question how many gifts Ganesh gave him in order to make films like gabbar singh and Temper. The original twitter message was removed by the author due to concerns about the attention this tweet was receiving.

In another tweet, Ganesh reacted to a question on whether Guruji's use of his trademark screenplay to create a movie actually killed the original plot. Ganesh claimed that Guruji's speciality is dividing people, whether it be husband and wife, father and son, or teacher and student. The genuine ability of producing a movie and writing a fantastic screenplay is something that only "Guruji" could do, not any of the people who make fun of him on Twitter. This type of ridicule often garners a lot of attention.

Because of this, a lot of regular people wonder on the internet, "If Guruji can make a movie now, can these satirists write something like that of Guruji?" It's just not doable.

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