400 crore Rs was bought at 24 percent interest for Bahubali..?

Rana Daggubati has revealed that he took crores of loans for the film 'Baahubali' which has shocked the fans. Directed by director SS Rajamouli, this film, starring Prabhas, Rana Dagupathi, Anushka, ramya krishnan, Nasser, and others, created a new history at the box office in 2015. Both parts of the film collected more than 1000 crores. Especially, the first part of the film collected 600 crores and the second part 500 crores. Although everyone knows about the collection of this film, Rana Dagupathi has given the shocking information that about 400 crore rupees were bought for making this film, and that too at 24 percent to 28 percent interest. In a recent interview with india Today, he said this information. Talking about this, he said, 'Three-four years ago, where did the money for films come from? The producers of the film made the film by mortgaging their house or their property in the bank or taking a loan from the bank. For this, they used to pay 24 to 28 percent interest. Films like Baahubali also took a loan of Rs 300-400 crore. For 'Baahubali-1', the makers took a loan of Rs 180 crore and the film was shot for five and a half years. Its interest rate was 24 percent. The first part of the film was made at twice the cost of the highest-grossing film in Telugu. The crew also shot the second part of the film with that interest money. He said that maybe the producers did not think about what would happen if the film did not succeed. This interview of his has shocked the fans.

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