Indians who accumulate money in Dubai? what is the reason..?

Dubai has become the dream city of most people in the world. The main reason for this is the country's infrastructure. dubai is also an avid work destination for many Indians. This trend is also reflected in the dubai real estate sector. A study has revealed that indians are showing great interest in investing in the real estate sector in Dubai. A report on the dubai real estate market for the financial year 2023 has been published. According to this report published by Better Homes, indians are showing more interest in investing in the real estate sector in Dubai. According to the report, most indians now prefer dubai to invest in india due to the growth of the real estate sector and various features like higher rental income compared to india, tax-free investments, world-class infrastructure, rising value of dubai currency, and golden visa facility.
In a city like dubai, there is also an increased attitude that owning a place will help in the future. Most of the high-net-worth indians have dubai at the top of their list of preferred cities. The reason seems to be the belief that investing here is not only profitable but also leads to a luxurious life. Many high-net-worth individuals from india are also investing heavily in real estate in cities like dubai and London. By getting the right to go and live in countries other than india, the next generation also gets better education, employment, and career opportunities. According to the experts, those who invest in foreign countries should take into consideration various opinions. It is said that development and peace of the country should be considered first. Experts from the financial sector say that it is very important to take into account the taxation system of the country as well as how much profit you will get when you resell the property. They also say that if you are investing in real estate abroad, it is important to know the pros and cons of a financial advisor.

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