When will Sai Dharam Tej be Discharged?

According to the recent diagnostic report released by Apollo Hospital in hyderabad on september 15, 2021, "Sai Dharam Tej's condition is steady, and that he is tapering off of breathing assistance. The heart rhythm and biological tests are in good shape. His medical status will be closely monitored by the competent team of doctors."

After a vehicle collision on september 10, 2021, sai dharam tej sustained tendon damage and clavicle fractures. According to reports, the actor was exceeding the speed limit on the route. At the cable bridge, his racing bike skidded and he collapsed. Previously, Apollo Hospitals published a health statement that stated, "All of Sai Dharam Tej's organ systems are operating normally. He will remain on supported breathing in the ICU for supervised careful monitoring, and more testing will be done throughout the day."

The motorcycle was ridden at a maximum pace of roughly 85 kmph near the accident site, according to CCTV footage examined by the authorities. This exceeds the speed limit on the road, which is believed to be 35 to 45 kilometers per hour. And regarding his discharge, the hospital authorities revealed he cannot be discharged anytime sooner as he needs to regain his normalcy and it would take some time.

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