Rajinikanth, who has appeared in films like as 'Annamalai,' 'Padayappa,' and 'Muthu,' will appear in 'Annatthhe,' according to actress Khushbu. 'Annatthhe,' directed by Siva and starring Rajini, is a film. The film, which is produced by sun Pictures and distributed by red Giant Movies in tamil Nadu, will be released on november 4th. 

The film's shooting has finished, and the final touches are underway. Khushbu, Meena, keerthi Suresh, Nayanthara, Jagapathi Babu, and sathish are among the cast members. Vetri was the cameraman, Imman was the composer, and Ruben was the editor on the project. Speaking to a leading daily, Khushbu said, "I shouldn't bring up the film 'Annaatthe.' This film, on the other hand, will be a joy. Rajinikanth's presence in this film will be remembered for a long time. Rajinikanth appears in this film in the roles of 'Annamalai,' 'Arunachalam,' 'Padayappa,' and 'Muthu.' Rajini had gone missing for quite some time.

In the film, meena and I play beautiful characters. Various theories about what it will be are circulating on social media. However, it will be a lovely surprise. The filming of 'Annaatthe' brought back memories for me. Due to the fact that everyone was on set. There was no one in the caravans. Rajinikanth approached us and sat down, asking, "Why are you leaving me alone?" Rajinikanth was joyful on set."

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