Pushpa: The Rise, featuring allu arjun and rashmika mandanna and premiered on december 17th, has proven to be a box office success. Allu Arjun's acting and Samantha's unique song are among the movie's highlights. samantha offered her approval for the unique song 'Oo Antave' for the first time. All attention is already on Pushpa: The Rule, the second half of the series. The second half will be released by the end of the year, and fans are eager to hear the following item song.

Sukumar and devi sri prasad are noted for having a particular performance that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. After the success of the first part, the producers have agreed to start shooting the second part in a few months, and sukumar is putting the finishing touches on the screenplay. In the sequel, some of the characters are given greater attention, and the sequel script is altered.

Sukumar has reportedly chosen to replace samantha, and he is aiming to bring on board a prominent bollywood actress to swing a hip for the special song. Many women are eager to do a song after Sukumar's epic effort pushpa became a great hit in Hindi. Now we'll have to watch and discover which lady in Pushpa: The Rule will swing a hip with Bunny.

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