Star heroes should exercise extreme caution in each and every scene in their films, as their work has a profound influence on the general public. Stars have a greater obligation than average actors to be cautious and avoid cringe-worthy material. It not only harms their social standing, but it also leaves an unnecessarily poor image on the younger generation.

Superstar Mahesh Babu's latest film, Sarkaru Vaari Paata, was released recently and has received mixed reviews from critics. Leaving the decision aside, there is one sequence in the movie that makes me wince and diminishes the status of a performer like Mahesh Babu. It was depicted in one of the sequences that Mahesh is irritated with Subbaraju. Despite the fact that the scenario was intended to be funny, it makes the viewer cringe rather than laugh. The filmmakers effectively avoided showing any visuals of the scene, instead conveying the same cinematically.

Many people believe that when Mahesh heard this passage in the narration, he should have requested to the director that it be cut. The scene is quite revolting. Mahesh could have easily refused the scenario based on his expertise, and it also disrespects Subba Raju's status as a performer. Some people also disliked Mahesh, Keerthy Suresh, and Subbaraju's entire track in the second half. They thought the song was quite backward. We don't normally expect such stuff or scenes in Mahesh's films. SVP, on the other hand, surprised everyone. We hope Mahesh hears about the criticism and avoids situations like this in his future films.

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