According to information that has already surfaced, konidela Productions and koratala siva are making up for the over 60% of investors who lost money on megastar Chiranjeevi's recent box office bomb "Acharya." Despite discussions and agreed-upon returnable amounts, it is claimed that no distributor has yet received their recompense.

Ram Charan and megastar chiru did return their compensation, according to a source close to konidela Productions, but that wasn't enough to pay back all the distributors. Actually, it's believed that the producers are waiting for payment from amazon Prime Video to clear before giving money to the others. There is a three-month window for the cash to be issued, despite the fact that amazon agreed to pay more for the movie's early screening on their OTT platform.

The producers could release the money from other sources rather than waiting for the OTT giant's payment, according to distributors and a few other persons involved with the payments, who are currently concerned that amazon is delaying the payment. All distributors suffered significant losses as a result of "Acharya," one of the all-time worst failures starring chiranjeevi and ram Charan. In the telugu film industry, it is customary for producers and lead performers to reimburse distributors for their losses if a movie loses more than 60% of its initial expenditure.

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