Actor Gopichand and national star prabhas are good pals. They have been close friends ever since they both acted in Varsham. Both actors frequently acknowledged their mutual appreciation for one another. Every chance they get in the midst of their hectic schedules, they spend time together in a meaningful way. In fact, the actor wished the entire cast and released the Pakka Commercial clip.

Sources claim that prabhas and Gopichand had a recent encounter at the latter's home. Viyaan, the youngest son of Gopichand, is a favourite of Prabhas. He therefore took a break from his work to spend time with the 4-year-old. The other day, Gopichand's house was where Prabhas' Lamborghini was observed. Gopichand talked openly about working with prabhas once more during the Pakka Commercial's publicity.

According to Gopichand, he and prabhas are always willing to work together but are awaiting the proper script. A movie starring the two actors was originally planned by UV Creations, who are good friends with both actors. We must watch to see if it occurs shortly. The price of the tickets was also decreased in various locations. The sale of tickets did not, however, increase. Pakka Commercial will debut on Netflix and the telugu streaming service Aha on august 5. The first three days of collections for Pakka Commercial were really good.

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