pooja hegde, a famous actress, would be regretting missing such a significant film that is currently receiving a lot of acclaim. In fact, everyone was enthralled with Mrinal Thakur's portrayal of Sita in the recently released "Sitaramam" on bollywood TV. However, the maharshi beauty genuinely has this part, which is why she didn't get it.

Although Mrinal stated that she was the first option for the part, pooja hegde was actually cast and has committed to a month's worth of filming sessions. pooja was diagnosed with covid after the sets had been constructed and the crew was about to start the filming, which scared the producers. They decided to find an alternative right once because they would suffer significant costs if they delayed the filming, and director Hanu Raghavapudi reportedly regarded Mrinal to be the most intriguing candidate.

Pooja Hegde would have won this princess role, which she has already done in numerous films in an effortless and faultless manner, had coronavirus not played the bad guy. One actress, pooja hegde, consistently inspires us to travel with her social media posts. pooja Hedge's travel journals leave us envious of her idyllic beaches and vibrant cities. This time, she shared images from her vacation to the US, including everyone's favourite city, New York. "New York, New York," she wrote as the caption.

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