Mega-producer ashwini dutt has long expressed his desire to make a follow-up to their previous mega-blockbuster "Jagadekaveerudu Athiloksundari." The movie, which stars megastar chiranjeevi and heavenly beauty Sridevi, also happens to be the best thing chiru, director k raghavendra rao, and producer Dutt have ever done. And now for a hot update on it.

Even in recent interviews, Sita Ramam producer ashwini dutt revealed his intention to direct JVAK with none other than ram Charan playing the major role. Additionally, he hopes to give Megsatar chiru a part. nag ashwin was originally slated to helm this movie, but the big producer is alleged to have spoken to chiranjeevi about the subject. However, megastar didn't enjoy the narrative.

According to rumours, megastar has been tasked with developing a new plot for the JVAK sequel, which would star ram Charan. And it's claimed that he delegated the task of selecting the ideal director to them. They need a director who can both create a compelling narrative and make the most of the latest in visual effects, as k raghavendra rao is certainly not up to the task at hand. chiru will prepare if Dutt finds the proper director, and the project may succeed.

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