The thrilling movie Godfather is now keeping megastar chiranjeevi very busy. The movie, which will have a wide release tomorrow, is currently undergoing intense advertising. The movie, which Mohan Raja directed, is already piqueing fans' curiosity due of its political undertone. There is a rumour that chiranjeevi may satirise the current political climate in the telugu states, particularly Andhra Pradesh, in the movie Nagar. chiranjeevi clarified the situation, though.

Chiranjeevi disclosed that he left politics long ago and is not returning. chiranjeevi responded that he might support pawan kalyan in the future when asked if he had any plans to back anyone. "I am aware of Pawan Kalyan's dedication to the community. They will determine his destiny. chiru stated, "I sincerely hope pawan kalyan rises to greater heights in politics.

When questioned about the political undertone of the dialogue in The Godfather, chiranjeevi responded that he did not satirise politics. If something is attributed to me, I am unable to do anything. The dialogue in the movie is solely based on the plot, according to Chiranjeevi. The critically acclaimed malayalam hit movie lucifer was remade into the film Godfather. Stay tuned.

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