Unstoppable is a huge success on Aha. According to a source close to the industry, balakrishna received Rs 2.5 Cr in total compensation for Unstoppable#1's full season. At first, he is unaware of the show's effect. According to an estimate, only with this show did Aha subscribers increase. Season 2 is now beginning. Sources claim that balayya is currently offering a better price now that he has clarification.

Although nothing has been confirmed, it is rumoured that balayya will receive Rs 10 Cr in compensation for the second season of Unstoppable. According to sources, the final price may be between Rs 5Cr and Rs 6Cr. The number of subscriptions abruptly decreased after season one ended. So, according to the sources, the OTT platform anticipates a rise in subscriptions with season #2. chandrababu naidu will appear in the first episode, which will be streamed around Diwali. 

Additionally, efforts are being made to book pawan kalyan for this programme. With being said, the OTT anticipates receiving support from the tdp and Janasainiks. Unstoppable With NBK, the most watched programme on Aha, will return for a second season. The gala premiere of the celebrity discussion show will take place this evening in Vijayawada. The event is anticipated to draw a sizable crowd. The most recent information is that annapurna studios served as the location for the filming of the first episode of the show, which starred tdp Chairman chandra babu NAIDU' target='_blank' title='nara chandra babu naidu-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>nara chandra babu naidu and his son Nara Lokesh.

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