The absurd statements of these stars surprised, someone will get angry and sometimes they will be upset with laughter
Cinema world is such a dazzling world, with which every celeb associated is always in front of the camera. In such a situation, every movement of these stars is captured in the camera and the most difficult task for bollywood celebs is to speak anything in front of the public. Because when you are a star, you have to talk about everything. But when celebs do not do this, they are trolled a lot on social media. Many celebs sometimes give such absurd and funny statements, on which people keep laughing for years.

Like once alia bhatt made prithviraj Chauhan the prime minister. This was not the first or last statement. Many such absurd statements have been given by bollywood celebs. In such a situation, we are going to tell you in this report about the celebs of the industry, who have made a lot of headlines due to their statements. So let's tell which celebs from Kareena to Ranbir have made people laugh or angry with their absurd statements...Varun Dhawan, popularly known as chocolate Boy in bollywood, keeps making headlines for his films as well as his funny style. varun is always laughing and making people around him laugh. But he may not even have realized that he would ever come in the eyes of the whole world because of his style.
During the promotion of Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, kriti sanon starrer film 'Dilwale', when varun was asked if people would like 'Dilwale'. Responding to this, varun jokingly said, 'Have you seen Inception? Got it? Liked? Then you will like Dilwale too. Which did not go to people's heads and varun was also trolled very badly for this.

These days Ranbir Kapoor, who is in the headlines for his film 'Brahmastra', is counted as one of the best actors of indian cinema. But Ranbir's life has always revolved around controversy. It also includes many controversial statements made by the actor from his personal life. In such a situation, once Ranbir was asked about his film 'Barfi' being rejected at the Oscars. Then Ranbir had said something which was very difficult to believe. Ranbir had said in the oscar committee, 'It is the loss of the Oscars that he did not choose Barfi!' There was a lot of ruckus on this statement of Ranbir.
Kareena Kapoor Khan, popularly known as the Gossip queen in bollywood, often says something in front of the camera, which surprises everyone. One such actress had once said while talking about her character played in her film 'Main prem Ki Deewani Hoon', which made people laugh and laugh. Actually, Kareena had said that, 'I don't think any actress has been able to play any deep character in 10-15 years.' Her character in this film was that of a bubbly girl.One of the finest actresses of her time, bengali Bala i.e. bipasha basu has worked in many films. Her image in bollywood is that of a hot and glamorous actress. But the actress had given such a statement in front of the media personnel, which raised questions on her general knowledge. Actually, once a reporter asked him 'Who started the Olympic Games?' Responding to this, Bipasha had said, 'I think Adolf Hitler started it. .....Yes, yes it was only him who started it!'

Senior congress leader and son of actor raj Babbar, prateik babbar has appeared in only a few films of the industry, but he has also made headlines due to his statements. When Prateek was once asked by a media person, 'What are your expectations from this year's budget, Prateek?' Prateek replied, 'Budget? What is budget? Is this a film? When is it releasing?'

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