According to comments made on the "Hanu-Man" teaser, which director Prashanth varma posted today, some of the audience appeared to think it is superior to the film "Adipurush." Well, one feels that a film with a VFX budget of 30 crores is superior to one with a budget of 200 crores given the visual effects flaws in Adipurush. Yet this is the main instance.

Hanu Man has good visual effects for its budget, we must admit, but that doesn't make it better than Adipurush. The Prabhas-starring movie is entirely mythical, and each figure must look like someone from the Tretha Yugam. There are no such criteria in Hanu Man because every character is depicted as a contemporary person, but only the hero will possess that superpower. When compared to what should be done for Adipurush, the VFX work in Hanu Man is noticeably inferior.

However, the majority of the visual effects work displayed in the Hanu Man teaser is solely computer-generated images, with little to no significant integration of human elements. The preview demonstrates that all of those mountains, lakes, and snow caves are computer-generated, with the exception of a few frames where green-screen footage is superimposed on CG plates. Coming to Adipurush, the entire cast must engage with the 3D world to recreate Tretha Yugam, which is a difficult task.

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