Everyone was in awe of what adivi sesh and the HIT 2 team conveyed in the movie's theatrical trailer. While Sesh's existence in and of itself is a great asset, the story is told in such a way that the antagonist's presence permeates the entire narrative. On december 2nd, the Sailesh Kolanu-directed film will be released amid high anticipation.

The movie has completed all of the necessary formalities, including the censor. After witnessing the spine-tingling sequences in the trailer, it's not surprising that the censor sleuths awarded the movie an A certificate. The film's runtime is a crucial component for the genre. The movie lasts for a total of two hours, and each scene is filled with intense tension to keep viewers on the tip of their seats. The second half takes place over the course of two evenings, while the first half spans a month.

According to insider reports, the censor board members were astonished by the killer's identity and rose to their feet to congratulate filmmaker Sailesh. Adivi Sesh's outstanding performance, especially towards the climax, will be a highlight. The hero who will enter the HITverse with HIT3 will then be revealed toward the end of the film. To watch the previously unheard-of genre of criminal thriller, we must wait another week!

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