The telugu movie box office has grown unpredictable for the makers, sellers, and industry experts. Unexpected, low-budget films with up-and-coming talent are doing well at the box office, but films with a seasoned cast and crew are failing miserably. Since the second half of this year, telugu box office has been like this. 

Movies like Ghost, Thank You, The Warrior, Ginna, macherla Niyojakavargam, Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam, and others failed, but smaller films starring up-and-coming talent, like Sudigali Sudheer's Gaalodu, succeeded. or the slasher film Masooda also known as Kantara/Love today. The industry is being plagued by this problem. telugu pattern entertainment encounters some resistance. Tier 2 and Tier 3 stars aren't getting good reviews. In addition, one of the offenders is OTT. For all parties involved, this is a transformative time, and we sincerely hope that the necessary adjustments are made to save telugu cinema.

No openings have been made for films by well-known directors like praveen sattaru or vikram Kumar. Even the film's trailers, which included some slick action from Ghost of Nagarjuna, aren't drawing crowds to the theatres. The trend has surprised everyone even before big actors and distributors are now looking for content.

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