The real sankranti hype began with the release of Veerasimha reddy, starring Balakrishna. This Gopichand Malineni-directed film had record-breaking box office receipts. In other words, Veerasimha reddy emerged as Balayya's most significant opener. But starting the following day, this movie's box office receipts fell. Waltair Veeraya entered the theatres after Veerasimha Reddy. The winner of sankranti was this chiranjeevi movie. 

This movie, which bobby directed, became a hit across the board. It was also extremely popular abroad. As a result, Waltair Veerayya won sankranti this year. varasudu and Kalyanam Kamaneeyam were released after the balayya and chiranjeevi movies but failed to have a significant influence at the box office. The box office for Vijay's movie decreased since people only watched the major straight movies. And nobody cared about Kalyanam Kamaneeyam, starring Santhosh Shobhan. 

No new movies were released the next week as Waltair Veerayya maintained her resolve. More significantly, Waltair Veerayya was given access to the emptying theatres of other sankranti films. Veerayya raised a fuss for the second consecutive week. The film "Hunt" arrived in the final week of january as a Republic Day present. The movie starring sudheer babu generated flop talk on the first day of release. The films "Malikapuram," "Sindhuram," and "Valentine's Night," which were out a bit before this one, failed to have much of an impression. Pathaan, a dubbing film that debuted as a Republic Day event, did well financially in telugu states.

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