In the midst of the pandemic, malayalam movies became more and more well-liked. With their OTT releases, movies like Driving License, Ayyappanum Koshiyum, Nayattu, CU Soon, and many others attracted attention, largely because of the incredible content they produced. Another new malayalam movie is getting excellent reviews everywhere. Jiju George has a dual role in the film Iratta.

Iratta's events, twists, and crucial piece of information that emerge in the final few minutes of the movie are compelling despite the plot and actual conclusion being somewhat predictable. With his profoundly upsetting climax, Rohith MG Krishnan, a debutant filmmaker, ultimately disproves all of our assumptions.

The central characters of the criminal thriller are DYSP Pramod and ASI Vinod. At the Vagamon police Station, where the forest minister is scheduled to launch a programme, a police officer passed away. Vinod is the deceased police officer, and Pramod shows up right away. In these circumstances, the police had a case against them, and we see how they handled it in Iratta. The director confuses the audience by introducing numerous possibilities, but he eventually reveals the truth deftly. We'll have to wait and watch whether one of our telugu filmmakers tries to show it to telugu viewers shortly.

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