Sakunthalam, starring samantha Ruth Prabhu, is about to be released in theatres. Last year, sam opened the show with the film Yashoda. She will now amuse the audience with the upcoming Gunasekhar-directed period drama Shaakuntalam. Samantha's increased sensitivity following the myositis attack is well known. Her current method of speech has undergone significant alteration from how she once spoke.

Even today, samantha Ruth Prabhu received well wishes for a quick recovery from everyone who saw her at the Shaakuntalam event. samantha was recently seen interacting with a few reporters at the airport. However, it appears that everyone is concerned about her health. Now how is samantha doing? Having a quick gait? The number of people who asked was much concerned.

Samantha wore white costumes to the Shaakuntalam event. While addressing, director gunasekhar also started to cry. During the interview she did before of the premiere of the film Yashoda, samantha sobbed. samantha started crying as soon as she saw the Shaakuntalam project, and gunasekhar did the same while discussing it. She cried, melting the viewer's heart. sam visited spiritual locations following her divorce from naga Chaitanya. She travelled to numerous holy sites, including Kedarnath. Fans of samantha now urge the actress to resume her career. They want to glimpse Samantha's earlier self. Fans are wishing her a speedy recovery.

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