This director unexpectedly got himself into trouble. He made a movie for a prestigious production company that featured a youthful hero. He consented to work on the same Banner's next project right away. When a star approved the director but took the authorization, he once broke the agreement. He prepared to violate the deal once more, but he did not ask for permission this time. He created a project that the producer with whom he has a deal is highly interested in.

Again, breaking the agreement without consulting the Senior producer has angered him. He threatened to make this matter public. The director and his wife barged into the producer's office after turning off their mobile phones. The woman begged the Senior Producer's pardon and asked to discuss the matter privately. The producer cancelled his "public settlement" plan after a woman travelled all the way to his office and begged him.

This is not the first time, the director has faced such a stiuation as already a while ago he has made verbal agreement with several production houses and also got a hefty amount as an advance and still he never even made a single move related to that.

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