Ajith with his wife shalini in the middle of the ocean..!?

Ajith and Shalini's top viral photos, some of which Ajith's wife shalini posted on her instagram page. It has gone viral and is gathering likes. The star couple of tamil cinema, ajith - Shalini, who is currently in a boat in the middle of the ocean, is seeing the photos of romance. In tamil cinema, ajith is the lead actor. When his films are released, the fans cheer and welcome them to the extent that any information about his films and his photos are released on social media, it is customary to go viral on social media. In that way, the thing that Ajith's fans are eagerly waiting for the most is the mass update on the film AK 62. A year after the release of the film, director Vignesh Shivan, who was expected to direct Ajith's 62nd film, walked out of the film after the release of Thunivu. So now it is confirmed that the famous director Magizh Thirumeni will direct the film instead of him. Recently, it was said that the pooja of this film has been done, but so far no official information has been released from the Lyca company, which is producing the film. Although a little disappointing, every now and then Ajith's wife shalini has been unexpectedly posting some ultimate photos on her social media.In that way, Shalini, who recently published a photo with her son Advik and her husband Ajith. Following this, she has published some hot romantic photos taken with ajith in a boat. In this, shalini looks like a hollywood actress wearing a long white maxi gown. These photos of ajith wearing a casual green T-shirt and sitting very stylishly and glamourously with black cooling glasses are now going viral and gathering likes among fans.

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