One of Tollywood's most commercially successful actors is natural star Nani. dasara, which was produced by sudhakar Cherukuri, had a budget that was significantly greater than Nani's market worth, but everyone financially involved in the project appears to have made astronomical profits. Even if the other version doesn't work, the parties concerned will still make money from it, so it doesn't matter.

The movie is sending the box office into a flood. From class to mass, venues in every neighborhood had packed houses. The movie has made over 850K+ in the USA so far, including the premieres, and is almost at $1 Million. Additionally, the movie had the best day-one box office results across the board in the telugu states. On its first day, dasara brought in nearly 38 Cr+ in global box office revenue.

On its second day, the movie has fantastic reservations. The extended weekend will be very helpful for the movie to maintain its current surge at the box office for a few more days. Both movie reviewers and viewers gave the film unanimously positive reviews. With his untamed act, nani enchanted everyone. srikanth Odela is also getting props for his insight and approach to the matter.

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