Sailesh Kolenu, director of the HIT franchise-famous Saindhav, is working on venkatesh Daggubati's 75th movie. All of the movie's posters featured venkatesh sporting a gruff appearance, suggesting that the action in the film will be intense. The release date for Saindhav had recently been confirmed by the producers. On december 22, 2023, the movie will be seen in theatres all around the world.

According to the information provided above, Saindhav is a full-length action movie. Today, a leaked image from one of the movie's action scenes went viral online. Fans of venkatesh are quite excited to see their hero in an all-action movie, and this leaked image is gorgeous and has gone viral online. The videos are blurred as they were shot from a very long distance range.

The cast of "Saindhav" features some intriguing actors, including Andrea Jeremiah, a well-known singer and actress, as well as two of the female stars who have lately joined them: shraddha srinath and Ruhani Sharma. In this film, andrea jeremiah portrays the role of Jasmine. Even the first look poster for Andrea caught our attention because it showed her clothed all in black and aiming a gun at the crowd.

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