Charme Kaur, a tollywood influencer and punjabi beauty has made a name for herself as a successful producer in puri Jagannadh's film. Her most recent double ismart shankar poster received a tonne of positive feedback from fans, but it was met with criticism from movie distributors who went on strike in response to her former Vijay devarakonda fiasco film Liger. Charme Kaur has nevertheless established herself with yet another fruitful trolling campaign.

Guess what, the actress undoubtedly had no idea what was in store for her when she just shared a photo from "Monday Morning." The actress' instagram photo from yesterday morning caught people's attention because it featured an alcoholic beverage. She stated in her post that "Monday office begins with a hug."  She gushed about how happy she was to begin her work week with a "hug". She pointed to the animal in her hand and gave him a hug. The post was criticized for drinking beer in the morning despite having noble intentions. Charmme disabled comments after receiving criticism over the post.

Although it may appear to be a typical glass, one cannot be certain whether the contents are alcohol or juice. Additionally, some Punjabis regularly consume alcohol at any time of the day. Nowadays, trolling is a thing, and Charmme recently experienced it firsthand once more.

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