Vijay Deverakonda and samantha Ruth Prabhu have been establishing friendship objectives for a while now. The actors are open to admiring one another on social media and will be reunited on film in Kushi. Samantha's most recent post serves as an example. She and Vijay may be seen there dining in front of a table piled high with different foods. 
Although the photo was taken by kushi director shiva Nirvana and is quite adorable, Samantha's comment really captured our hearts. Sees you at your finest, sees you at your worst, she stated in the caption. watches you cross the finish line first or last. observes both your highs and your lows. Friends are standing by quietly [white heart]. What a year it's been, huh? , mentioning Vijay Deverakonda. Kushi's music director, Hesham Abdul Wahab, responded by sending three heart emojis.

In this case, an old video of samantha has gone viral and shocked netizens where samantha gives moaning sounds during sex. She was along with her Ex-Husband naga chaitanya in that interview and netizens are sharing that video virally. The particular tweet has received lots of vulgar and obscene comments as well.

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