How 50rs Note transformed The Life into celebrity..!!

The fan's life was permanently transformed when he met kannada actor Kiccha sudeep, who was most recently seen in Kabzaa. sudeep is rumoured to watch every one of his films on the first day, first showing, and My Autograph's release at the Santhosh Theatre on KG Road in Bangalore 17 years ago was no exception. Kiccha sudeep, on the other hand, hadn't had breakfast that day. In the meantime, he was surrounded by Jaggi, a devoted supporter. He was given some cash by sudeep, who also asked him to bring a snack. sudeep reached Jaggi and requested idli and chutney from the wayside motel. Jaggi quickly ran to grab something to eat for Sudeep.

Sudeep inquired if he would also like to have some breakfast when Jaggi arrived with the food. Jaggi answered formally, "No brother." After that, sudeep gave the fan a note for Rs. 50 and told him to eat something. Jaggi had a problem. Should he spend the cash his hero handed him, or should he hang onto it as a charm? Finally, he made the choice to buy breakfast with his own money. He still has the Rs. 50 note that he stored safely in his wallet.

Few people know that Jaggi afterwards worked as a producer. At a recent screening for his forthcoming movie, Mardini, he recounted this incident. He said that the memo had brought him good fortune. In addition to acting in films, Kiccha sudeep was a prominent bjp campaigner during the recently held assembly elections in Karnataka.

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