AR Rahman's property is worth so many crores?

In this compilation, you can see about AR Rahman's net worth and his salary details, who is the music director of indian cinema. AR rahman was the horse that Balachandhar pitted against ilayaraja when he was emerging as the king of the tamil film industry. AR rahman made his debut as a music director with Roja, directed by mani ratnam and produced by Balachander. AR Rahman, who won the hearts of tamil fans with his soulful music in the very first film, started getting more opportunities. Everything he touched in tamil cinema became a hit, and gradually bollywood and hollywood film opportunities began to accumulate for AR Rahman. In that way, the jai Ho song he composed for the foreign film Slumdog Millionaire got the world's highest award, the Oscar. Apart from that, rahman created history by winning two Oscars at the same time, winning an award for the background score of the film.
AR rahman has reached the pinnacle of simplicity by saying that no matter how high he goes, all the glory belongs to God. He has composed music for various language films in india like tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. Although 30 years have passed since he made his debut as a music composer, AR rahman is still a top director by giving songs to attract the present generation. He is getting a salary of up to Rs.8 crores for composing music for a film. Apart from this, he is earning crores by conducting concerts in india and abroad. Apart from this, AR rahman has also made his mark as a singer and has sung various hit songs. His annual income alone will be Rs.50 crores. He earns an average of Rs.4 crore per month.Apart from this, AR rahman owns luxury houses in cities like mumbai and Chennai. Apart from this, he also owns a film studio in Chennai. It also has facilities for film shooting. Recently he also started a huge multi-crore music studio in Dubai. AR rahman is doing his music work in that music hall which is built on international standards. His property value alone is said to be Rs.600 crores. This is more than Vijay and Rajini who are leading actors in tamil cinema. AR rahman owns luxury cars from companies like Jaguar, mercedes-benz and Volvo. The cars are said to be worth between 1 to 1.5 crores each. It is noteworthy that AR rahman is the music composer who has the highest property value in this cinema

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