Katrina Kaif: katrina called 'Merry Christmas' the most difficult film, shared the experience of working with Vijay

Katrina Kaif is currently enjoying the success of tiger 3. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the film has not only won the hearts of fans but has also won praise from critics and has become a success at the box office. Katrina's performance and action sequences have been widely appreciated.

Recently the actress had the honor of attending the prestigious red Sea Film festival in Jeddah. During a conversation at the event, the actress revealed that her next film is 'Merry Christmas'. Directed by sriram Raghavan, this film is the most challenging film of his career.

While discussing her upcoming film Merry christmas, katrina kaif revealed about working with director sriram Raghavan. He said that this project is the most challenging in his career so far. The character he played demanded a significant emotional and artistic investment and Raghavan provided a rewarding challenge.

Merry christmas is a bilingual film, shot in both hindi and Tamil. katrina said that delivering her lines in tamil for the tamil version added complexity to the filming process. Each scene and each language required two takes, which was challenging for the actress, but it was also an exhilarating experience.

Katrina praised her co-star vijay sethupathi in the film. He said that Vijay is amazing. He shot the film very well in hindi and tamil languages. Talking about the release of the film, it was initially scheduled for a theatrical release in december 2023. Then the filmmakers later announced its postponement and the film is now set to release on screens on january 12, 2024.

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