Mansoor Alikhan has issued a warm statement saying that Captain Vijayakanth should get well and recover. In tamil cinema, Vijayakanth is one of the first actors that comes to mind when one thinks of action films. Mansoor ali Khan is famous for acting as villain in many films. Vijayakanth, who was admitted to Myatt Hospital in chennai two weeks ago due to a cold, is now having trouble breathing. Doctors are also giving him lung treatment. Also, the government has ordered to provide all necessary medical assistance to the captain. Praying for his speedy recovery...Mansoor Alikhan...has released a heartfelt statement while many fans, DMD volunteers, and celebrities are praying.

In this statement... "Brother! Why this test for you.? I am crying for your Mansuralikan. Get better!! tirumala nayak nayak who made me a captain dancer! The antagonist will never be beaten, in a time when superhero protagonists crawled with build-up and dope, hit back, fly and hit, Let them kick themselves and fly in the air and kick a donkey! Brother! When will you come and kick again? madurai Meenakshi Amman's legs are thin like pillars, Lord! Chase the heroines, kidnap them, make them dance. Run. Swing... squeeze the labor. The one who made it stick to the body of eating rice, you will live for a hundred years.

Someone mistakenly cut the video and sent it to God. There are many people here who need to be punished. Black MGR. It is the aloe tree that has saved thousands of lives! You said alliance with the people! You became the opposition leader in alliance with Maharasi Amma! They made Maharasi die. Our city police, garden police. Lord, do not suffer. Ease the troubles!! Rescue the captain in medicine and hand him over as a revolutionary artist! Until he went to a dargah for his friend Rauthar, he was safe for his fans and devotees... 100th film has never been run for any hero: Prabhakaran who gave the first chance in his 100th film and garlanded his wife Vetri... lived a hundred years!! Thambi Mansuralikan is waiting to be beaten by them! He issued a statement with tears.

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