Sandeep reddy Vanga showed his mark of film making in animal movie with ``Animal'' movie. But in this movie they gave clarity on part 2. The title was also announced. 'Animal' movie produced by Sandeep reddy Vanga is released recently. The movie hit the theaters on friday amid huge expectations. bollywood hero ranbir kapoor and rashmika mandanna are acting as a couple in this film. This movie has recently released and is getting positive talk. Sandeep.. The hero character is mainly made in the style of ``Arjun Reddy''. The film was made to reveal the love between father and son and the son's quest for father's love.

Sandeep showed a new style in film making. It is remarkable that this movie is like he said with pride and attitude that he will make it like this. hero attitude, arrogance, aggression, all this, this movie runs with boldness. Violence can also be overdosed. Those who like this attitude and those who like action will like this movie. It will appeal to youth and mass audience. But it remains to be seen to what extent bc Center will reach the audience. Because the whole movie is a story that takes place in a rich family. Also, most of the dialogues are in languages like english and Hindi. are somewhat incomprehensible to the general audience.

Apart from all this, Sandeep reddy Vanga has already shocked by making a three and a half hour movie. But a surprise was given at the end of the movie. Part 2 was announced with a surprising element like ``Vikram''. The title ``Animal Park'' was also announced. In this movie, the hero is shown as an animal. You can imagine the range of madness, boldness and violence of Animal Park. It is remarkable that the character shown at the end also seems crazy. He said that soon this second part is also going to be brought to the theatre.

And when will this film be made and when will the film be made with Prabhas? When is allu arjun movie? It became a big question. But ``Animal'' movie will be next level hit if it connects with people. It is no exaggeration to say that the film will cross the thousand crore mark.

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