Actress Thripti Dimri has teamed up with actor ranbir kapoor for the film Animal. The video of the movie has gone viral.

Actor ranbir kapoor and rashmika Mandanna's Animal has released on the 1st and is making a lot of noise. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has already cut some gory scenes in the adult-certified film. The film was released after the cut. A song that was released before the release of the film had created a stir. In it, rashmika mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor's liplock scene was seen by the fans and said ugh. . A video of rashmika mandanna and alia Kapoor locking lips with husband Ranbir in an airplane went viral on social media and is still going viral. Seeing this long kiss of the two, the fans said ugh. But the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has ordered that all the scenes be cut due to the abundance of such scenes in the film. Due to the abundance of intimate scenes in this film, although it was given an adult certificate (A certificate), the board directed some scenes to be cut.

After all, the film has earned Rs 230 crore in just three days of its release. Animal broke the records of jawaan and Brahmastra even before its release. Releasing in 888 screens in North America, Animal has set a record for the screening here. As director sandeep Reddy Vanga and rashmika are familiar in telugu, telugu has sold more tickets than Tamil. Tickets have sold well in hindi too. The Pan india movie is directed by kabir singh and sandeep Reddy Vanga of arjun reddy fame. The film also stars Anil Kapoor, bobby deol and Tripthi Dimri. This movie is produced by bhushan kumar and krishna Kumar's T Series. The movie was released in hindi, Tamil, kannada and Malayalam.

Although the censor board has cut many scenes, soon after the bedroom scene with rashmika mandanna was leaked, a video of another actress completely naked with Ranbir went viral. The lip lock scene and the scenes on the bed have gone viral. After all, the name of this actress is Tripti Dimri. Tripti Dimri, who appeared in a cameo role in Sridevi's Mom in 2017, has now shot nude with Ranbir Kapoor. By the way, Tripthi Naagin was seen in Series 3 earlier. Now offers are coming in on the silver screen. But before the release of the censors, it was suggested to cut the overly romantic and bold scenes. But apart from all this, Tripti's glamor photos have now gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, hot scenes with rashmika mandanna have gone viral on social media. Seeing this, alia Bhatt's husband, ranbir kapoor, is asking what the fans have left for him! Some people are saying that alia bhatt got fired after seeing Rashmikar for the same reason. After all, rashmika mandanna and alia bhatt met at an event while the film Animal was running wildly. On that occasion they hugged. But if rashmika did not hug alia properly, on the other hand, alia bhatt could be seen hugging rashmika carelessly.

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