Nithiin will play the protagonist in the forthcoming telugu film 'ExtraOrdinary-Man.' Sreeleela plays the female lead in the film. The trailer for the film, directed by Vakkantham Vamsi, is now available. In the film, Nithiin plays a young artist attempting to make a name for himself in the film business. The entire clip begins on a humorous mood and gradually transitions into action mode.

With Vakkantham Vamsi's funny touch, the narrative seems new. His dialogues are excellent, and they generate a lot of laughter throughout the picture. Sreeleela was not given enough screen time in the video, while Nithiin appears to be portraying a part with different shades.

The trailer has a commercial tone to it, and it sets the tone for an entertaining flick. The plot's serious side has been kept hidden. The presence of Dr. Rajasekhar at the end of the film, when he cracks a conversation about life and his wife, is the trailer's highlight. The film's music is composed by harris Jayraj. sudhakar Reddy produced the film. The film will be released on december 8th. Let's wait and see if this movie gets a success for Nithiin or it bombs at Box Office.

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