Pindam is a multi-genre film that will be released in theatres globally on december 15. The film is directed by newcomer Saikiran Daida and produced by Yeshwanth Daggumati. The film is produced by Kalaahi media and stars actor Sriram, Easwari Rao, ravi Varma, srinivas Avasarala, Sriram, and Kushee ravi in major parts. In an interview with the media on Saturday, producer Yeshwanth revealed some details about his career in IT and foray into filmmaking.

"I own a software company chain in the United States." With the desire to pursue a career in filmmaking, I returned to india with my buddy Saikiran Daida. However, we happened to come upon this narrative Pindam rather of writing our own, as we had planned. When I first heard the title Pindam, I was as bewildered as everyone else. If a soul must take birth, it must enter a pindam. And Pindam is given when someone leaves a corpse. people may have various perspectives on the terminologies and theories that surround them. But its plot piqued my interest. The story was written in a week by director Saikiran.

Storyboarding was completed in 10 days. The full cast was quickly assembled. And in June, when I walked on to the sets." According to Yashwanth, his debut film was meant to be with actor Siddu Jonnalagadda. "It was a comedy about crime." The lockdown, however, threw the strategy into a loop. Everything had gone wrong. Because the visas and other paperwork were time-consuming, we delayed the project. kona venkat also served as the film's co-producer. We arrived with Pindam. It is a film of several genres. It features a message with horror components that spans the periods of 1930 to 1991 to 2023."

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