A big update has come to light in the case related to bollywood actress shilpa Shetty’s husband, businessman and

actor raj Kundra. raj Kundra has now got a big relief in the pornography case. Let us tell you that in May 2022,

ED had started a money laundering investigation after mumbai Police named raj Kundra in an alleged

pornography racket. After this, the actor’s name got implicated in this case due to which he had to go to jail. But

now news has come that ED has not found any direct connection between raj Kundra and the pornography


This new update came in the pornography case

According to the Free press Journal report, the Enforcement Directorate did not find any direct link between Raj

Kundra and the alleged pornography racket. Official sources have revealed that the ED is keeping an eye on the

money trail related to various bank transactions of UK-based company Kenrin. This company is related to many

fake companies involved in money laundering. Investigation has revealed that pradeep Bakshi, the official

promoter of Hotshot app and brother-in-law of raj Kundra, is the owner of Kenrin. The company is allegedly

engaged in several transactions with shell companies based in India, which is the focus of the ongoing

investigation. raj Kundra was arrested in the year 2021, after which he got bail. This case has been going on for

more than 2 years, but till now no action has been taken on it. Now raj Kundra's lawyer Prashant Patil has issued

his statement regarding the delay in the case. Let us tell you that after coming from jail, raj Kundra also made a

film on this entire matter, whose name is UT 69. The story of the film starts with raj Kundra going to jail and

ends till he gets bail.

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