Teja Sajja: teja Sajja was about to lose an eye during the shooting of 'Hanuman', after this accident the actor underwent surgery.

South actor teja Sajja is enjoying the success of his recently released film 'Hanuman' these days. The film is proving to be a box-office success apart from garnering positive responses from both critics and audiences, but did you know that 'Hanuman' actor teja Sajja almost lost one of his eyes during the shooting of the film? Actually, during the shooting, he met with an accident, which he disclosed.

In a recent interview, teja Sajja revealed that the cornea of her right eye was damaged during the shooting. The actor revealed that he used a red lens for his character, which caused scratches on his cornea. There was also a lot of dust and small stones, which could harm the eyes. The actor said that it was very painful. He had to undergo surgery before he could see fully.

Despite many challenges, teja said that she loved every minute of the shoot. people talk about giving their blood and sweat. According to him, he did, it because the film is a labor of love, pain, and honesty. Talking about the box-office success of the film, teja revealed that the film has already crossed Rs 100 crore at the worldwide box office and is still counting. He said that this was a dream come true for the entire team. teja further said that all these numbers are not affecting him as he has been a part of many such successes in the telugu film industry since his childhood.

Teja also revealed that he was a believer earlier too, but shooting for 'Hanuman' has further strengthened his faith in God. He saw divine intervention every step of the way. Talking about the film, 'Hanuman' is a superhero film directed by prashant Verma. Despite clashing with bigger films like 'Merry Christmas' and 'Guntur Karam', it is running to full houses in many theaters across the world.

Talking about the stars of the film, amrita Iyer, varalakshmi sarathkumar and many others played important roles in 'Hanuman' along with teja Sajja. The film is produced by K Niranjan reddy under the Prime Show Entertainment banner. Also, Anudeep Dev, hari Gaura, and krishna Saurabh worked as music directors for this film.

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