Katrina Kaif: After rashmika and Nora, now deepfake video of katrina kaif goes viral, hrithik roshan is also seen coming along.

The cases of deepfake videos made by Artificial Intelligence are increasing. Recently, deepfake videos of many actresses have also surfaced, which has increased the concerns of the government and the people regarding this use of technology. In this case, the deepfake video of South actress rashmika Madana was much discussed, after it went viral, the government took strict steps to stop it. However, after this a deepfake video of actress nora fatehi also surfaced. At the same time, now the deepfake video of bollywood actress katrina is going viral, in which hrithik roshan is seen with her.

Katrina Kaif is seen speaking fluent Turkish in this deepfake video. This video is of an interview, in which actor hrithik roshan is also seen with Katrina. This video is becoming quite viral on social media. This video is from her 2014 film Bang-Bang, in which hrithik roshan was in the lead role. During the promotion of the film, katrina gave an interview, which has now been created and shared as a deepfake by Artificial Intelligence.

This deepfake video has been shared by Katrina's fan page on Instagram, in the caption of which it was written that 'If you spoke Turkish, it would be like this... Note: This video was created with Artificial Intelligence. The reaction of his fans has also come to light in this video. One fan said, "Oh my god it sounds exactly like her real voice." Another fan said, "This is amazing, her voice isn't much different."

Katrina Kaif attended the consecration of ayodhya Ram temple with her husband and actor vicky kaushal on Monday. Apart from katrina and Vicky, many big bollywood celebrities also participated in this historic ceremony, which included many actors like amitabh bachchan, abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, alia bhatt, kangana ranaut, madhuri dixit and Anupam Kher.

These days katrina is also in discussion about her film Merry Christmas. Directed by sriram Raghavan, the film was released on 12 January. South superstar vijay sethupathi has played the lead role along with katrina in this crime thriller film. The film has been released in both tamil and hindi languages.

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